Welcome! Thank you for taking
some time to get to know me.

I’m Karla.

I’m a green smoothie loving foodie and fitness enthusiast with a science-driven brain and an ambitious heart. I’m a wife to the most charming and decidedly delicious husband a woman could every want and a seminal arbitrator to one pint-sized human and another not so pint-sized human, both who call me Mom.

My passions (outside of ruling Team Awesome on the home front) include spending time in the kitchen creating both a spectacular mess and delicious food. I’m equally good at both. I also brew some pretty epic kombucha and have an affinity for hucking heavy metal around and eating all the delicious things.

While I don’t like to prescribe to labels that put my lifestyle in a box, I personally thrive on a gluten-free, plant-based diet consisting of plenty of healthy fats and whole foods that are minimally processed. The rest of my family however, does consume meat and despite having not eaten meat for over a quarter of a century, I still know how to cook some pretty delicious carnivore-friendly entrees and I have yet to meet someone who can't stop raving about my chicken dishes or who doesn’t love my scrambled eggs (the secret is in the cheese, just saying.)

My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the age of two, so while meal planning and food logistics can be tricky at best in a home filled with plant eaters and carnivores alike, the common thread that weaves its way throughout all the meals we share together is a strictly gluten-free home.

In April of 2005 my first born daughter, Ava, passed away. Ten months later I had a subsequent miscarriage. With a difficult experience altering my entire perspective on life I abandoned my career in web development and database management and spent the next several years trying to find my footing again while dabbling in the world of freelance writing, blogging, and running an on-location photography business.

In 2009 my life and health took another drastic turn of events and all of those endeavors were abandoned.

It’s been an awfully long hiatus from having a tiny little corner of the Internet to call home and maybe it’s just the freshness of spring in the air, but after an extended season of hibernation I’m feeling flooded with a fresh sense of newness and a raucous energy to get out in the world and continue my story.

This is where I landed and I’m thrilled you’re along for the journey.

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